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Late Sunset
15 November 2010

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My Binoculars
13 November 2010

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Peter Lamont on Sunk Kayak
Hello Mary, Thanks for posting that image. With suitably designed buoyancy a kayak can be recovered easily from this ...

Curly on Colourful Leaves
Yes perfect colouring Mary.

DarkElf on Fall Colours
well spotted and captured! the colours are fantastic!

Frédéric on Bike Jump
Nice photo, great action !

soul mover on Bike Jump
what a lovely moment i can understand him well when i was younger i broke my bike and also my motorcycle fork because ...

Curly on Bike Jump
My son is the same, it worries me silly :-)

omid on Bike Jump
:) very nice!

omid on Climber
:) very nice!

Curly on Shy Boy
Mine is still doing this and he's fifteen! I hope your's grows out of it soon :-)

Naturelle on Waiting
So precious

Harry on Blue Window
Spot on perspective control and delicious detail.... Nice one.

Harry on Blue Tap
Blue on blue. Nice composition and shot.

Yoana on Blue Tap
Simple and super effective! great capture

Basile Pesso on Blue Tap

Samantha on #13
It's always been a good luck number for me!! : ) great shot love the colours

omid on Peace
very nice & amazing! Beautiful lights!

Arash on Peace
An exellent shot ! Have a lovely & colorful day !!! :-)

omid on Stairs
very nice & amazing!

rem_la on Stairs
belle perpective

omid on Yellow
very nice!!! so beautiful colors!!!

l'Angevine on Yellow

crazy Steve on Moose Poo Sold Here!
Perfect image for Silly Tuesday. Glad you included the description...interesting concept.

crazy Steve on Moose Poo Sold Here!
Perfect image for Silly Tuesday. Glad you included the description...interesting concept.

Sue-Ann on Moose Poo Sold Here!
je connais bien... HST

l'angevine on Moose Poo Sold Here!
on y solde des cervidés

omid on Wipeout
very nice & amazing!

omid on Snow In June
:) wonderful!

omid on Mountain Top Inukshuk
:) very nice & interesting!

Curly on Mountain Top Inukshuk
Seriously? Snow in June? This must be awfully way up in the hills.

Rupesh on Mountain Top Inukshuk
Stone age era or Human age era.....!!

Sue-Ann on Beavertail
great, I am hungry...

Curly on Beavertail
Sounds deliciously unhealthy :-)

l'Angevine on Beavertail
ça m'a l'air bon

Bruce on 3 Bears
We had the same experience last time we went but we took the road north out of Whistler. Nice capture.

Curly on 3 Bears
No sign of Goldilocks? :-)

Arash on Happy
A wondeful backlighting shot ! Wow ! :-)

omid on Rocky Mountains
very nice & wonderful!

omid on Squamish, British Columbia
wow! so beautiful!

omid on Monarch Butterfly and Lilacs
very nice & so beautiful!

Samantha on Pileated Woodpecker
Beautiful shot!! He's gorgeous....

l'angevine on Pileated Woodpecker
intéressante calotte

B. Thomas on Big Bad Bear
Funny. Happy Silly Tuesday!

Dimitrios on Big Bad Bear
poor poor hand

Curly on Yellow

l'Angevine on Yellow Canoes
j'aurais aussi cadrer les canoës gris afin d'accentuer les couleurs de ce jaune

B. Thomas on Bull Moose
I think moose are so cool. Very nice photo.

DarkElf on Salt
amazing and very interesting sight! fine sharpness and detail!

Brat | RCA on Salt
mice shot!

omid on Salt
wow! very nice & interesting!

Curly on Bridge
Excellent low down study, not many wooden surfaces around on bridges these days.

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